Cross Industry Plug & Play Solutions

Readymade solutions that can integrated easily with other solutions and systems across industries

These plug and play solutions can be integrated with your app or solution via an API or other means. These solutions are applicable across industry

Email Login

- Login to an using email has become a base functionality now. For this feature, we generally can use Google Cloud Messaging or AWS Mobile Hub. Email Login can be used for tracking varied activities within application, user authentication as well as correspondence and send notification

Social Login

– Social Login helps user to use social account to connect with app. Social Login will save time required to login on application. It is a simple, easy and fast way to get lots of sign ups

Social Integration

- Social Integration helps to enable social functionalities like commenting on and sharing of content or gamification. Social Integration can also be used for a better segmentation, personalization and goal-targeted efforts

Game Center

– Game Center apps are high end apps that require high quality, speed, and experience. Some common Game Center apps features include users to be able to track their best scores on a leader board, compare their achievements, invite friends to play a game, and start a multiplayer game through auto-matching

Rating System

- The Rating System the app become more interactive and aligned with user needs and satisfaction levels

User Profile

– The Rating System the app become more interactive and aligned with user needs and satisfaction levels

In App Purchase

- There are few features within an app that are only available with paid versions. In App Purchases allow paid features build out for acquiring specific content and subscription

Geo Location

– Geo Location is a key service that uses user location to provide location based content, offers etc. Some examples are push notification for location specific deals or offers, finding ways within buildings, finding entities in areas etc.

Location Tracking

- This solution is a an indoor & outdoor location tracking via GPS (outdoor) and beacon (indoor). We build this solution without any hardware dependency on beacon. With 3 beacons we can triangulate the exact position of a user (phone) in a given area. With directional beacons we would require only 2 beacons to achieve the same accuracy

Once Click Emergency Call

– One Click Emergency Call is a configurable emergency numbers (default – 911) built within an app. This provides the initiate emergency contact with the click of a button

Service Request Scheduler

- Service Request Scheduler enables organizations to built a service scheduling component very easily within their existing app or as a standalone app. As the calendar view is contained with the app itself the security of the data and separation between work data and personal calendar is maintained. The user can only start a task if he/she is present within the particular location where the task needs to be performed
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