Need to know UI Design Fundamentals

What is UI design?

The Interface between user and product to perform any task through interface is called as UI design.

Need of time to know UI design related fundamental things: 

Know your Audience –


You should know who is your end user? What is the age ratio? What type of device do they use? These questions you need to understand.

Set Hierarchy –


Define the flow and present clear information.  You need to know what exactly an end user requires. Ex- If there is any banner design task of offer discount then design of the banner and alignment of contents should be clear viz; font size, button colors, text visibility etc…







Clear Message –


Use Appropriate messages.  For example, when a user clicks on the ‘Delete’ button, an alert message should be displayed with proper contents in it.



Follow Concision –


In this case, follow a design perspective which can help to remove confusion. On Government PF websites, as seen, there remains many URLS on the home page – (left sidebar top and right-side section footer), causing user confusion. Moreover, click button color combinations should be proper meaning primary, secondary and default. It should be simplified and normal. Color of URL or link should be blue. Avoid this type of small mistakes in design.



In our daily routine, whatever we use should be easy to handle and understand. The daily used features should be designed in a friendly way, like ON/Off button in mobiles, and the call button.  A UI designer should be careful about these things, observing the good and bad things.



Easy To Access –


A good UI practice followed in Gmail are the clear messages for Drag and drop displays and the area gets highlighted.




Confirmation –


When the end user interacts with any application, then the user should understand when the task is completed. Whenever we book any movie ticket through app, then one successful message of ticket booking shows. Confirmation message of booking is very helpful and serves as the proof that the seat is booked.


Follow Standards


Follow the normal standards, like top Navigation bar (file, edit and find option). Ex: In Word pad, Photoshop, notepad++ or other software, we see navigation bars at top. So, it’s a user-friendly way which UI designers should follow. In conclusion, follow the popular website, application, mobile app like Facebook, Flip-cart, amazon, BookMyShow etc…

If you followed the above fundamental points in your design, you will achieve your design goal.

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